Creating, promoting and celebrating the art that ‘difference’ makes

New Work

Developing new work
Light Installation and Immersive environment

Sound + Research

Installations + Performances

Touring Performance

Creating new Multi Media + Sensory Performances.

Body as Canvas Project

Exploring Art and cultural spaces through creative engagement.


Level Performance Company

Visual Art at Level

Small World Projects

International Projects

Current Installtion at LEVEL

Participate + Create Programme

weekly sessions + projects at LEVEL

Interactive Art

Image: Interactive Art by Polish artists Grzegorz Rogala and Joanna Krzyszton

LEVEL brings to rural Derbyshire the kind of contemporary arts space, facilities and technical resources normally only found in cities.

Work at LEVEL: New Job Opportunities

Opportunities: Jobs at LEVEL

Container/Fractured Ground – Performance Installation

Level Virtual Reality (VR) Research Project for people with PMLD