The 5 SENSE Project is a new research action project focused upon delivering high quality stimulating and creative experiences for people with PMLD (profound, multiple learning disabilities).

The aim of the 5 SENSE project is to investigate participants’ response and engagement by focusing upon one sense at a time, exploring different creative approaches to stimulate sensory awareness for each participant. We will measure the level of engagement, benefit and development through observation, feedback from participants, digital monitoring (where possible) and detailed reports from carers/support workers.


Images above: Gelatin encased tastes

Pilot Projects

These will operate within a modular structure comprising several projects. Each project will work with a small group from a day centre, care home or hospital over a period of 6 weeks. For 5 weeks, sessions will take place in the centre/venue. Week 6 will be a dedicated training/development session for carers held at the Level Centre. The proposed number of participants would be 3-4 people per session, plus carers/supporting staff. For continuity and training purposes the same carers/support staff and (where possible) participants will be requested to be present at all sessions.

5 SENSE  is an action research project and the opportunity for CPD for supporting staff. As with all research projects we wish to discover new ways of working, better practice and sharing good practice. LEVEL will document the process and research papers documenting findings will be compiled at the conclusion of the pilot projects. We will design and manage a research strategy to help us best understand the impact of this “enriched” artistic practice and in particular seek to measure the effects upon participants’ eudemonic (an internalised, long-term) sense of well-being.