D-LAB Artists’ Networking Session at LEVEL dynamically done and dusted

The D-LAB Artists’ Networking Session hosted by LEVEL yesterday afternoon was a dazzling addition to the creative to-ings and fro-ings in the building, as an array of D-LAB artists chicaned through the Purple Peach Club Night preparations, the arrival of BBC Radio Derby to interview participants and the continuing exhibition of Tony Sutton’s ‘From Memory’.



Says David Gilbert, D-LAB Curator/Producer, “Thanks to everyone who came along to our Artists’ Networking Session to share their work and ideas, and to Will Hurt for his fantastic interactive co-commissioned by D-LAB and LEVEL.”

Next up for D-LAB is Debbie Cooper’s commission opening at Buxton Museum as part of the touring ‘Past Lives Project’ – http://bit.ly/1MK8Ird this Friday and Noriko Okaku’s ‘Derbyshire Tarot’ co-commission with https://www.facebook.com/derbyquad/ and https://www.facebook.com/AnimateProjects/ as part of the Animate OPEN at QUAD from 28 November, alongside animations made by Heritage High School as part of the D-LAB Education Programme.