Our current installation is entitled SURFACE. It is an ephemeral light environment in which people are invited to explore projected sculptural forms within an immersive audio-visual installation. The room is filled with haze and mist, allowing light to create evolving 3D sculptures that fill the space. SURFACE creates cloud-like surfaces you can clearly see, pass through but not touch.

To showcase the SURFACE piece, we are inviting you to join us for an evening at LEVEL. You will be welcomed with a drink and allowed to interact with the piece both as a participant and as an audience member during two performances by our Advanced Performing Arts group. Immersed in the smoke tunnels, as light is diminished, your other senses take over and the desire to touch and interact with the piece will take you on a journey. As an observer, you will watch our performers showcase a choreographed piece, developed around the ideas of mirroring, canon and flocking, using the tunnels, shadows and projections, working as participants in the piece itself.

The Exhibition evening will be held on Friday December 6th @ 6.00pm – 9.00pm. We have an event page on Facebook where you can register your interest along with a select number of FREE tickets to watch the performance piece at two showing times (booking for the performance piece is essential as there is limited seating).

If you would like to book a ticket please visit:


to register your interest in the event please visit our Facebook page

@levelcentre, email us on or call 01629 734848