Welcome to the most exciting area of the LEVEL website. Here you can find details of  current ideas, research, and work we are developing now and work we wish to develop in the future.

LEVEL runs and manages a range of projects. These can explore creative ideas, research new ways of working/thinking, create new digital interfaces, new performance/exhibitions/installations or provide unique opportunities for people to experience and engage with contemporary art. We often form partnerships with other arts companies, performance companies, artists, organisations and universities (Nationally and Internationally) to develop new projects as well as housing our own artistic R&D programme. To find out more click on the link for each project.


Inter-ACT + Re-ACT

A series of interactive exhibitions, installations together with a research programme at LEVEL taking place over a twelve month period.

This project seeks to create and develop new artwork for people to interact with and react to using computer based digital media and simple, intuitive interfaces. It is envisaged that Inter-ACT + Re-ACT will be mainly screen based using the LEVEL screens in the corridor at the centre. We want to make each visit to LEVEL into a fully interactive and stimulating experience. Placing interactive screens in our main corridor helps us to achieve this. It also provides an activity which is self determined. Each person makes a active choice – to react and interact or not. Currently Inter-ACT+Re-ACT comprises:

  • Mirrors Interactive screens created by Andrew Williams
  • Abstract Playground a digital instrument triggering sound and exploring nature of digital space – created by Artist Will Hurt during a residency at LEVEL – co-commissioned by D-LAB.

More information about this project HERE

Sound as Sense:

A series of projects exploring the nature of sound as a sense. Some of these will produce installations and events at the Level Centre during 2016/17. These include:

Furniture Music
A new sound installation by Toby Heys (Opening event on the 29th of April)
Furniture Music is a research project and solo sound installation by Toby Heys at the LEVEL Centre. It comprises new compositions exploring sound as a sense and our reactions to sound at the very edge of perception. Furniture Music was a term coined by Erik Satie in 1917 and refers to the idea of background music or sound for informal spaces. Toby’s unique sound installation plays with this idea by using frequencies that reside at the edge of human perception – played through an array of unique speakers built into specially made furniture. The sound can be controlled from a leather-clad bench in the middle of the gallery space. Furniture Music explores how these sounds renegotiate our somatic interfaces – the skin, bone and muscle tissue that we imagine constitutes the boundary markers between ourselves and the world that surrounds us.


Touch: See: Hear – a Multi-Sensory Instrument for Learning Disabled Adults. This is a R&D Project working with Dr Lewis Sykes to create a new interactive digital instrument for LEVEL. This has received £15K funding from AHRC through MIRIAD at Manchester Met University to prototype a bespoke, audiovisual instrument through an iterative design process that:

  • adapts principles of User Centred Design and Human Computer Interaction (HCI);
  • applies contemporary audiovisual composition theory and an understanding of multi-sensory perceptual processes;
  • provides evidence for the effectiveness of these strategies to respond to people with different personal and social needs.





Trajectory II: A new work by Director Andrew Williams based upon work created at the University of Leicester during 2014. This will develop new sound installations from data collected by satellites (Cluster II – satellite, ESA) and comprising electron activity at the edge of the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The project will link to schools in the area – offering both experience of sound together with the science of space, and Key Stage three science of sound.




ONGOING PROJECTS: (under development)


The SPACE – an international collaboration.
LEVEL is making use of Skype to build an international partnership with disability arts organisation DADAA, located in Australia. Every month, a Skype session becomes a creative space for sharing work, discussing new ideas and building the relationship between musicians and dancers from the two organisation.

Established in 2013, the Skype initiative is focused on dance and music. Musicians from DADAA-based band Loose Tooth set up in the Fremantle Freight Gallery. Loose Tooth musicians provide the live music for LEVEL’s Spiral dancers in an online interactive workshop aimed at experimenting collaboratively across the two art forms.

See DADAA for more info.


SENSE – a Multi Media Sensory Performance currently under development at LEVEL. The new work will take the form of a short non narrative performance aim at a PMLD (Profound Multi Learning Disabilities) audience. SENSE will tour Derbyshire in 2016. The project has been funded by Derby City Council. Performers creating the new work are Karla Henry, Jan Reynolds and Katie Ward with projection images created by Andrew Williams. For more information about the tour contact LEVEL.




DASH – a new commission for a disabled artist.
Level is working with Quad (Derby), D-LAB and Junction Arts (Derbyshire) to support a new commission for a disabled artist to create a new work. This project is at an early stage and an open call for an artist is about to be published. The final work will be installed at Quad and LEVEL during 2017. The project has been developed and funded by DASH.


Dyslexia + Difference – working with young people with dyslexia.
A pilot project working with 6/8 students with a diagnosis of dyslexia within Year 8 at Lady Manners School, Bakewell. The project will involve students working together as a team to produce a interactive sound installation using words, recorded sound and digital manipulation. Throughout the process we will explore how dyslexia can manifest itself, systems for managing it and examples of people who have embraced its creative potential. This project has been supported by D-LAB. More info can be found Here.






We are currently researching the potential for a multi media exhibition exploring and exposing our reaction to body image, sexuality and the sense of identity. We a particularly interested in the complex relationship between body images, societal taboos and the effect upon learning disabled people and their surrounding culture. This is not easy ground to walk on, but we feel it could make an important contribution to a much needed debate. We hope that  some aspects of this potential project will cut through taboo and rarely discussed topics to reveal sexual identities of people often considered to be asexual.

The images (shown right) are by Olivier Fermariello and provide an example of an artist whose work challenges a world that subscribes to a relatively homogeneous definition of beauty where physical differences at times become a source of discomfort. Fermariello combats the prejudice surrounding disabled individuals, who are too often unjustly and inaccurately relegated to a realm of non-sexuality. We are hoping that his work will form a part of the BODY-IMAGE-IDENTITY exhibition at Level. 

In addition to exploring sexuality we want to prod sticks at the core nature of choice and identity and ask questions relating to the choices that are realistically available to some individuals classified as having a learning disability. This project would go right the core of ‘care culture’.

We are currently searching for material and looking for artists, performers, photographers, models etc. who may be interested in producing work around this subject.  




We are hoping to develop a national photography and digital image project for learning disabled people during 2016/17. This will comprise personalised web galleries, projects and a series of exhibitions. As the project develops more information will follow.




We are constantly looking to develop new ideas, resources, technology, methodology and practice that can impact upon our work + explore ‘difference’ within a creative context. if you are working on a project or have an idea for something that could relate to LEVEL please contact us.