A touring multi media sensory performance.

SENSE is a new touring multi media piece created and developed by LEVEL. It is approximately 45 minutes duration and designed to explore our (human) senses through physical theatre, sound, vision, smell, touch and taste. It does not follow a narrative and makes absolutely no sense as a story. This is deliberate, as we want to provide an environment where audience members have the opportunity to use sensory stimulation to make their own personal connections and meanings. These could range from triggering memory and emotion to, perhaps, exploring connections between people, objects and sensory stimulation. The SENSE performance tries very hard not to tell you what these may be – its up to you.

SENSE is performed by four people, two on stage and two digital performers’ (creating live sound and images – off stage). Each performer has a specific character and therefore a different way of relating to the audience. As a sensory performance you can expect loud sound, vibrant colours, powerful smells, taste and elements involving touch. It has been created for specifically for people with profound multiple disabilities and we recognise that this audience may experience the world very differently from many people. This is why we have chosen to experiment with the structure and form of the performance and wish to enable the sensory stimulation speak for its self. Some people may find parts of the experience peaceful and serene others unsettling or even disturbing – SENSE is designed to elicit a reaction.

We are pleased to announce that LEVEL has been awarded a two year Arts Council Strategic Touring grant to tour this work across rural Derbyshire and Derby City. This will take place between September 2018 and June 2020 and is focused upon engaging people with PMLD (profound, multiple, learning disabilities) and complex disabilities, from children to older people. However, SENSE is a universal non narrative ‘sensory experience’ providing an intriguing powerful and stimulating performance suitable for many different audiences.


Current Cast:
Jan Reynolds: Performer
Karla Jones: Performer
Megan Byrne: Live Video and technical support
Katie Ward: Project Manager, Live Sound
Video and Visuals created by Andrew Williams and Random Line Performance Company



“Gaynor was upset and wanted to leave whilst waiting for the show to start. I know that she enjoyed the show because she wasn’t upset and didn’t want to leave when I asked her after the show.”

Manager at Alderbrook day Centre.

“I really love the pictures on the boxes, I liked the smells, I liked the ladies, and I liked the water spray.”
Participant from Coal Ashton Day Service.

“ I liked the way that you gave our children time to smell. Taste and join in.”
Teacher from Alfreton Park Way School

“The person I supported was very vocal throughout the performance and engaged really well throughout. He interacted with the marbles and tray and pointed to the faces on the boxes.”
Support Worker From Parkway Day Centre.

“All the senses were covered well, it was special for me to see an ASD pupil spinning with an umbrella. “

“A fantastic sensory performance, our students really interacted well. There were lots of special moments with students who struggle to engage. I loved the interaction when students were invited to join in”.
Two Teachers from St Andrews School, Derby.