We are a charity

Level Centre Limited is a company limited by guarantee with full charitable status in the UK. Its charity number is 1124419. Our mission is to create, promote and celebrate the art that ‘difference’ makes – locally, nationally and internationally.  LEVEL nurtures creative talent and presents stunning original work by and in collaboration with learning disabled people; artwork that we believe extends the language of contemporary art. We are governed by a Board of Trustees that oversees the work of LEVEL.

There are many ways individuals and organisations can support the work of LEVEL.  We have ambitious creative plans for the future simply waiting for generous people and wide-ranging organisations to help us to deliver them.  You can:

  • Donate
  • Raise money for projects
  • Volunteer with us
  • Become a LEVEL Ambassador
  • Join the LEVEL Board

If you would like to get involved, why not contact us today?

Our 1:1 Campaign

There is something we would like to do at LEVEL which isn’t currently funded.

Most people who come to the Centre to participate in the projects and events also like to get together with other people from inside and outside the learning disabled community. It’s part of the joy of the experience for them. Some, however, don’t.

Still, the people who don’t could and would benefit from intensive arts interaction and participation in the projects, but for them it would mean 1:1 participation. This means that there would be a dedicated LEVEL arts leader who, along with the individual’s carers, could facilitate access to the projects without the distraction and often unmitigated challenge of other participants being present.

The cost of such arts access would cost £1,500 for 30 weeks for one person.  Not a massive amount of money, but what a massive difference to the life of that person.

To donate to our Weekly Wish List 1:1 Campaign contact info@levelcentre.com.

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When I’m performing it gets my anger out and makes me feel good. I used to feel left out and stuck in a corner somewhere. Now I’m part of it, in a performance community.

Francesca Coates

LEVEL Performance Company member