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Body – Image – Identity
Research & development projects exploring potential aesthetic and societal approaches to the human body through art, performance and discussion.


A body of work that stems from an interest in the complex relationship between body images, societal taboos, the sense of self and where possible the effect upon learning disabled people and their surrounding culture. This is not easy ground to walk on, but we feel it should make an important contribution to a much needed debate. We hope that these projects will cut through taboo and rarely discussed topics to reveal sexual identities of people often considered to be asexual.

Performances, Discussions & Guest Artists

Details of CONTAINER performances, events and symposiums. The programme starts on the 18th of September with INHABITANTS by dance artist Jonathon Luke Baker (opposite) and a sound world created by Andrew Williams at LEVEL. The first online symposium is currently being developed and durational performances of Container II by performer Jo Shaw will take place in a specially constructed perspex box at LEVEL and 3 outside locations as soon as is possible.



Thoughts of others

Fractured Ground, created by Andrew Williams, was projected across three walls in an immersive experience. This was an extraordinarily beautiful work intimately exploring the physicality of the body in different environments mud, sand, water.

- Xenia Horne

Arts Council Assessor


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