A new commissioned work for LEVEL by Martyn Stonehouse

Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

“An interactive installation inspired by the issues surrounding digital preservation and obsolescence that encourages the participant to manage and control a digital form in 3D virtual space. Mimicking our day-to-day interaction with computers and technology, in which we live an ever increasing part of our lives, how are we as the creators of this data affecting it’s long term dependability?”

What is Degradation?

With this work, you are invited to take control of a digital form in 3D virtual space, a void that only ever exists on a screen. Your interactions with this form will ultimately serve to either prolong it’s life or advance it‘s destruction, or perhaps you’ll try to maintain it’s original format and take on the responsibility of preserving this data over time?

What is it about?

Our digital lives are ever present, yet also completely intangible, constantly changing and developing as we continually add to their virtual mass. Whether this is photos taken on our smart phones, documents created for work or music we’ve downloaded, our digital footprint is huge and sometimes hard to manage. Furthermore, keeping up-to-date with changes in technology, file formats, storage mediums and even simple items such as adapter cables can be a huge undertaking.

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About the Artist

Martyn Stonehouse is an audio designer and interactive artist based in Derbyshire, UK.

His work ranges from 1980s inspired synthesiser scores to dark brutalist first-person games environments and interactive soundscapes, heavily inspired by obsolete technology, historical storage mediums and dystopian science fiction.

Interview With the Artist

Read our interview Blog Post with Martyn where he talks further about his practice, his background and goes more in-depth into the concept behind Degradation.


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