Will Hurt

Abstract Playgroud Exhibitions

LEVEL has had a long relationship with artist Will Hurt starting with an initial residency in 2016.

In 2018 we were able to present a full installation of Wills work including Abstract Playground, Mass, Botanical Geometries and Plotter Drawings. Each of these have been imagined using computers to create brightly coloured, playful, digital interactive art which bring people together, forge connections and afford people a moment to play.

Abstract Playground was originally commissioned by LEVEL in 2016. Since this time Will has continued to develop this exciting work and it was recently shortlisted for the 2018 LUMEN Prize.  Over the past two years the original iwork has been installed in several different spaces at the Level Centre. It has appeared on the large Level screens as a part of the Inter-ACT + Re-ACT programme (for which it was originally commissioned). It has formed a four screen installation in the Level Gallery and recently used as performance environment (projected onto 2 rows of gauze to create a 3D environment).  Abstract Playground provides a excellent example of how artists can create work based upon their own interest and direction and at the same time make it fully accessible to all. At Level we view this kind or work as a part of a research programme looking to examine how technology can impact upon the lives of people at many different Levels.

Artist: Will Hurt
Abstract Playground as a single screen – as originally conceived to be a part of the Inter-ACT + Re-ACT programme.
A short video created by Will to document Abstract Playground. It features a short performance (during the development and testing process) using the programme as an instrument/composition tool.
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