Festival of the Night

The sound of night across the world

We are currently looking to develop a project where we will be inviting people to take audio recordings of their local environment at night. (which we are defining as between 11.00pm and 5.00am local time). We are seeking to document changes to our audio environment as we all modify our activity during the Covid 19 pandemic and present glimpses of these transitory fascinating aural landscapes.

Recordings will feature on our Website and be available to download and use in the creation of new sonic art. We hope to present material generated through this project within our installation and performance programme in the future.

We would like to gather short snapshots comprising 1min-10min recordings featuring:

  • Audio from around the world

  • Urban and rural audio environments

  • Binaural & Stereo recordings

We are currently looking for collaborators and contributors across the world. 

EMAIL: andrew@levelcentre.com