Peak Dale artist Tony Sutton’s images display a true and exact sense of place, of structure, of clear lines only aberrated by the artist’s sweeping wish list. Symbols reminiscent of musical notations intervene and overlay the un-beautiful manmade structures over landscapes mixing rural village and town. His images are maps of places real and imagined. How places should look. How they look to him.

The artist himself says he draws spiders, trees, people and anything in nature. Beloved buildings are a feature of his carefully mapped vistas, his choices broadly and tidily sweeping up the likes of Alton Towers and the Buxton Dome.

This is the artist’s first major exhibition and we welcome him to the LEVEL Centre.

From Memory forms part of a series of exhibitions at LEVEL celebrating the extraordinary work of learning disabled artists.

Opening Event: 3 November 2015, 5.30-7pm

An opportunity to meet the artist, experience a digital version of the exhibition and find out more about the LEVEL Centre and its installation, exhibition and performance programme.