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Further Afield Open Call

Open call to connect with disabled Global Majority* artists from across the UK

About the project:
    • Further Afield is an ambitious, disabled-led project that platforms disabled artists who are rurally based or whose creative practices are rooted in rural settings.
    • The project will be primarily made up of a series of interviews with disabled artists exploring what living and making art in rural spaces means to them.  
    • The project will also carry out research across disabled-artist communities who have rural practices, with an aim to further support and enhance rurally based disabled artists’ exposure and creative networks. 
    • The aim of Further Afield is to celebrate the work of disabled artists and question what we expect to find in rural art, centring disabled-artist experiences such as barriers to access, isolation, rural infrastructure, virtual community, imagination, resourcefulness, and the desire for diverse creative opportunities. 

    As part of the project’s research, we are looking to find as many relevant people as possible. We aim to promote and share their work via the project website, social media and the project’s extensive network of supporting partners. There may be the opportunity/opportunities for paid collaboration in other aspects of the project, but connecting via this call out is not a guarantee that this will happen. We are deeply appreciative of your time and labour in sharing your work and practice with us. 

    What we are looking for:
    • You must be of both Global Majority* heritage and identify as/experience disability* to be eligible for this specific open call
    • The project is currently seeking to hear from any Global Majority* artists who also consider themselves disabled/chronically ill*, and who have a rurally based practice/connection.
    • We want to connect with artists, learn about their practices and gain a deeper understanding of how they cope/survive/thrive in rural settings. 
    • We are keen to learn about and platform artists from a wide spectrum of experiences, as well as contributing to the cataloguing of artists who don’t always get the space or recognition their work deserves.
    • We want to make sure that Global Majority artists are included in this work as part of this project’s mission to broaden the current understanding of what the countryside looks like, who experiences it, and what kinds of art is made there. 
    • We are seeking artists to feature in the project in a number of ways. 

    If you:

    • Are an artist working with/in any art form including writing, performance, visual arts and more
    • Or any kind of creative practitioner or arts producer
    • Identify as disabled and/or chronically ill OR who have personal lived experience of disability and/or chronic illness*
    • And are a person of Global Majority* heritage
    • Are rurally based* 
    • And/or have a practice rooted in rural spaces (by which we mean: you have carried out substantial research/making in rural spaces, and/or have formerly lived in rural spaces and communities which continues to inform your work). 

    Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! Go to https://levelcentre.com/further-afield-open-call/ to fill in the online form where you will be required to provide a short description of your work and practice, how you connect to the project and any web links which show us your work. 

    Please complete your submission by Monday 15 January 2024.

    *By disabled we include anyone who identifies as being learning disabled, disabled, D/deaf, neurodiverse/neurodivergent and those experiencing chronic illness, mental health conditions, and more. We recognise that many people with personal lived experience of disability do not identify as such. We embrace this dimension of the disabled experience, and welcome anyone who may experience disability or illness themselves, but who may not identify as a disabled person, for whatever reason. At this stage in the project we are specifically looking to hear from those who have first-hand experience of disability or chronic illness themselves, not those who care for disabled people, or who have disabled family members.

    *By Global Majority People we refer to a collective term used to describe people who have been racialised/identify as Black or brown, or those with dual/multiple heritage, indigenous to the global south, and/or have been referred to as ‘ethnic minorities.’ This now widely used term refers to the fact that the majority of the world’s population, approx. 80%, is not (or has not been racialised as) white. We recognise that this won’t be everyone’s preferred term. We also acknowledge that Global Majority People are often in the minority in rural spaces.

    *By rurally based, we refer to anyone who lives in less centralised, non-urban spaces. This could be in remote villages, islands, or regions far away from larger towns and cities. It could also refer to places that are not as remote, but are still part of a rural landscape, community, and culture i.e., a small town in a rural county or a village location on the edge of a larger town. These experiences would also be relevant to this project.

    Thank you

    We acknowledge and appreciate the time and labour that goes into providing this information.

    As a thank you, you will be entered into a draw to win a book by one of the artists featured in the Further Afield programme. Books include Louisa Adjoa Parker’s ‘How to Wear a Skin’, Letty McHugh’s ‘Book Of Hours’, Polly Atkin’s ‘Some of Us Just Fall’ and Harry Josephine Giles ‘Deep Wheel Orcadia’.

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