Body as Canvas is the new LEVEL photographic exhibition opening at New Arts Exchange (NAE), Nottingham on Saturday 20 June, 2015.

It comprises 12 images taken during workshops at NAE each with a focus upon personal identity.

Body as Canvas – an exploration of identity

Developed through a process where people with a learning disability created several unstructured, improvised performance events using movement, sound and light. Each performance was based loosely upon the underlying themes of an exhibition at New Art Exchange and captured using a digital camera – framing just a fraction of a second of the event. The camera became the audience for the performance and its presence influenced how people reacted and wanted to be presented within its frame. Body as Canvas presents the individual images as statements – a behaviour, a culture and a source of creativity where difference shines – a cultural world yet to be acknowledged. The photography uses soft focus and shallow depth of field to give emphasis to the individual within each frame.

Body as Canvas is a collaboration between LEVEL and NAE (New Art Exchange – Nottingham).

Images above by Andrew Williams
Workshop leaders: Katie Ward & Simon Spencer (LEVEL)
Venue: New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK