In the Mix is a playful collaborative installation by Darius Powell where visitors can explore a 360 degree space and use glowing spheres to trigger colour, pattern and sound.

Set in our installation space at LEVEL, In the Mix is a colourful, playful and absorbing installation suitable for everyone.

Pick up a glowing sphere and move around the space to trigger different colour, pattern and images on the walls. Listen to how the soundscape changes depending on how you move the spheres. What happens when you move with other people in the space?

In the Mix is showing at LEVEL until 22 April 2022, so come along and have a bit of fun!

Brilliant ideas, well thought out playful and calm. In a world that has been a very difficult place to be, this is most welcome. I truly hope people make the effort to come here, they’ll leave happier.

In the Mix visitor


There are six booking slots available every day (Monday – Friday) until 22 April 2022.

Bookings are for up to five people (plus five additional carers if required) for a 45 minute visit. You only need to make one booking for you and your group. When you book for In the Mix you’ll have exclusive use of the installation for 45 minutes, but you can book a double slot if you need more time.

Please select your preferred date and time in the booking calendar opposite. You’ll receive an automated email confirming your booking which also gives you the option to rearrange if required.

In line with current Covid guidelines, please wear a mask when visiting LEVEL unless you are exempt. After each session the spheres and other surfaces will be wiped down with antibacterial spray ready for the next visitors.


We have a range of wrap-around workshop activities for In the Mix available for groups of up to 20 people (plus carers). The workshops will be delivered on-site at LEVEL in Rowsley and can be combined with visiting the In the Mix installation.

For more information about workshop content and available dates, please email

‘S’ rarely connects with anything, yet today’s activity engaged with him.

In the Mix visitor

Lovely installation, very interactive, very reaxing and balancing. Dream-like, I didn’t want to leave!

In the Mix visitor

Meet the creative team

In the Mix has been created in colaboration with our Artistic Associate Darius Powell.

Artistic Associate: Darius Powell

Darius is a digital artist, workshop leader and producer with over 15 years professional experience creating working for exhibitions, theatre, museums, participatory arts and commercial sector. His expertise includes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Projection Mapping and Interactive Installations. As an advocate for digital inclusion, Darius strives to find new ways technology can engage individuals in the co-creation of work.

Sound Designer: Robin Newman

Robin Newman is a music producer, composer and sound artist whose work explores the relationships between sound and spaces, both physical and suggested. He has produced work in various mediums spanning recorded productions, installation, interactive and digital mediums such as XR and Spatial Audio, with a focus on using immersive audio to enhance narrative and environment. His work has been featured by Oculus, Magic Leap, The Eden Project, QUAD, The National Space Centre, Coventry Transport Museum and The Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity.