We work with artists across the world to create and promote new installations and exhibitions. Our emphasis is upon high quality work that can find new ways to explore the notion of difference.  In 2018 we commissioned Polish artists Grzegorz Rogala and Joanna Krzyszton to create new work for LEVEL. It is a relationship that has proved very successful and one which we will build upon over the coming year.  LEVEL will undertake a short residency in Warsaw during 2019.

Scattered Drops of Time
Artists: Grzegorz Rogala & Joanna Krzyszton

Five interactive installations including the quirky ‘Dance School’ which captures images of people, transforming them into short animations set to Russian traditional folk music. ‘Instrument’ which uses physical gestures and movement to create, compose and perform music, and ‘Light Whistling’, painting with light to create large scale images with groups and individuals.

Works by Grzegorz & Joanna (together with other international artists) will be installed at LEVEL throughout Summer 2019.

Interested in a facilitated tour?  LEVEL will be able to offer groups, schools or day centres the opportunity to have a facilitated tour of the artworks at LEVEL during April – July 2019. Please contact us for more information.

Images from sessions and tours below:

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