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LEVEL Makes: Online

Our exciting new programme for learning disabled adults

We’re so excited to introduce….

 LEVEL Makes

Our exciting new programme for learning disabled adults, focused on creativity, empowerment and social fun.

Whilst we’re still not back in the LEVEL Centre (fingers crossed for soon), we’re building on our last 12 months of successful online sessions to bring you LEVEL Makes Online, a series of exciting, creative sessions exploring performance and art, lead by our wonderful tutors, exploring different projects in each block.

The session timetable is as follows:



LEVEL Makes:

Performance Online

Tuesdays, 11am – 12pm

Starting 20th April

£5.00 per session

LEVEL Makes:

Art Online


Wednesdays, 11am – 12pm

Starting 21st April

£5.00 per session



Last Tuesday of every month, 9.30am – 10.30am

Starting 27th April


LEVEL Makes: Performance Online

Our performance sessions are run by Phil, Phil has been working for the Theatre of Citizens Theatre group for the last 16 years, developing his ideas into creative practice. Since graduating from university with a BA in music & video technologies, Phil has also worked in schools and various theatre groups creating visuals and sound to complement performances. Phil also loves songwriting and playing in a band and is currently a wedding videographer.

In the first block of sessions, participants will work to create a short, recorded digital performance over the course of 6 weeks.

“It has been such an enjoyable and creative atmosphere you’ve managed to build via zoom and I want to thank the team and the participants for being so welcoming!”

LEVEL Makes: Art Online

We will be working with the theme ‘Making Faces’ during the first block of classes, where we will explore self-portraits through various mediums – many of which you can find at home.

Artist Georgia Peskett will lead each session, where she will demonstrate techniques and share various stimulus for inspiration. There will also be an opportunity for each individual to spend 1:1 time with Georgia, allowing them time to explore their work and receive further guidance.

“It is very helpful for my son to have these sessions to look forward to as it is his only contact with people other than his family”

We had a great chat with Georgia last year where we learnt loads more about her and her work. You can find out more about this fantastic local artist in our blog post:

LEVEL Meets Online

LEVEL Makes aren’t the only new online sessions we’re launching in April, in a first for LEVEL, we are introducing a brand new, once a month, drop-in social for the online world!

We’re calling it ‘LEVEL Meets’… because, well,  that’s what it will be! We’re welcoming participants, tutors, staff, carers – the more the merrier – to meet up in a safe and friendly online space where we can chat, share creative ideas (and work if we want) as well as just catch up on any of our own news.

So there’s nothing left to tell you except….