Our programme celebrates the art that difference makes. It is inspired by those we work with, it is playful and experimental whilst also challenging the way learning disabled people and the wider community experience and value art as a distinct  and creative language.

Our work makes a difference. It is experimental and often challenging but is accessible to the whole spectrum of learning disabled people no matter what communication difficulties they may have. The Participate + Create Programme provides a stimulating and supportive environment to encourage active participation, self expression and interaction, whilst building confidence and self esteem. Through our exhibitions and gallery space we nurture creative talent and promote exceptional work by learning disabled people together with a programme of contemporary art by National and International artists. Bespoke Projects provide the opportunity for people to create art and for us to develop our practice through research and development. The whole programme is underpinned by the notion of Difference – we want to reflect and create work that truly stems from people who think and behave differently.

Participate + Create offers a year round programme of up to 10 weekly sessions across many different art forms including performance, dance, visual art, digital image capture, sound and music, sensory environments and digital interaction. Sessions enable participants to enjoy discovering their own creative world in a safe and supported environment.

Our programme of exhibitions and installations is inspired and informed by the learning disabled community, locally, nationally and internationally. We create and promote digital installations – (multi media work that often uses a mix of video, sound and sculpture) visual art, photography and interactive art that can be enjoyed by everyone. Our programme includes special events runing alongside the exhibitions, these include guided tours, talks, debates and meet the artist events.

LEVEL creates, develops and offers a broad range of bespoke projects designed to engage, interact and stimulate people as well as providing opportunites to create new art and experience contemporary art. Our projects are both National and International and work with key participants, including those with complex needs, profound multiple learning dificulty (PMLD), young people, carers, artists and cultural organisations. Research and Development is important part of our work at LEVEL and all projects have an element of research built in. We are looking at new ways of decimating this information and data and have recently published our first newspaper LEVEL OUT LOUD. New projects are developing all the time and we are regularly commissioning artists to make new work. – its an exciting time for us.

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