INSIGHT Training

LEVEL is keen to make sure people coming to our sessions get the most out of their experience and are best able to engage, create and develop within our events. INSIGHT Training sessions are provided to help this process and are designed for carers, supporting people and artists. WE need to know how to encourage and support people in positive ways but without taking over too much. Some activities may be more difficult to know how to support people in effectively. Although we have excellent sensitive and positive support from many carers and staff, INSIGHT training is invaluable to us all.

This training is offered to any staff supporting people in the creative activities at the Level Centre from a wide range of organisations and individual carers. INSIGHT sessions are held at regular intervals please contact LEVEL for dates, times and more information. Outline details of the sessions are provided below.

INSIGHT 1 Creative Engagement Introductory session

Through activities and discussion we will investigate:

  • What are the barriers to participation by individuals with learning disabilities?
  • How can you support people most effectively?
  • What are the barriers to you as staff?
  • What can LEVEL staff do to help make this better?

This training is being offered to any staff supporting people in the creative activities run by LEVEL, both to organisations and individual carers.

INSIGHT 2 Tool Box of transferable ideas for Creative Engagement

This training will be a pilot where practical approaches and ideas will be tried, tested and discussed. Evaluation of benefits. By the end of the session a resource of transferable ideas will be identified. From this, LEVEL will then produce a resource of practical activities for carers to use themselves.

This session is for people who have participated in the Introductory session Insight 1.

For more details and to reserve places contact or phone Level on 01629 734848

The methods and wealth of experience of LEVEL has developed over many, many years. We are fortunate in continuing to attract dedicated and talented leaders who grow to embody the ethos and develop the expertise and ideas further.

Caroline, as co-founder of First Movement 27 years ago, developed a passion for working with people with severe learning disabilities in the 1970s, exploring ways, using non-verbal communication to unlock and release the creative potential of people institutionalised in long stay hospitals.

We are now at an exciting point of evaluation and development with the fresh eye of Andrew Williams informing the inner workings for our new future.

The work
Fragile living events, where we create an EQUAL space, find a common level for two people to communicate. A time to experience a sense of being, a time out from everyday practical activities. We want people TO FEEL GOOD. The event is influenced by the physical environment, the mood of people, the attentiveness of people present. We need to create time and space allowing people TO BE, and for things to happen spontaneously.

Events undoubtedly have therapeutic benefits, but they are not structured as therapy sessions, they are designed to be open, creative, playful, fun, social arts events. Events have educational benefits, but they are not classes, they are places where the artistry sits over the top and knits the whole experience of individuals into a homogenous, organic, changing, breathing whole. Carers have always been valued as partners aiding the positive experience and they always will be.