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A touring multimedia sensory production available for schools, day centres and small venues. 
Funded by Arts Council England through the Strategic Touring Scheme.

The SENSE Tour 2020 has been postponed for the froseeable future.

We will be working on how we can make this production available in 2021!

SENSE II – a short powerful touring performance experience designed to engage audiences through a sensory journey using physical theatre, sound, vision, smell and touch. It takes place within a specially built structure (the POD) comprising 3 back projected screens with a surround sound system. This has been designed to enable us to control the level of light in any environment and provides a very dark and intimate performance space for a small audience.

SENSE II follows a Journey from one world to another and is very loosely based upon stories of Orpheus and his journey to the underworld. However it is not presented as a traditional narrative and we feel that it provides many opportunities for stimulation and engagement without the need to follow a story. This is deliberate, as we want to provide an intimate environment where audience members have the opportunity to use sensory stimulation to make their own personal connections and meanings. These could range from triggering memory and emotion to, perhaps, exploring connections between people, objects and sensory stimulation. LEVEL SENSE performances try very hard not to tell you what these may be – it is for each member of the audience to discover their own connections and narrative.

SENSE II is performed by two actors and a digital performer (creating live sound and images). Each performer has a specific character and therefore a different way of relating to the audience. As a sensory performance you can expect loud sound, strong colours, powerful smells and touch. It has been created for people with profound multiple disabilities and we recognise that our audience may experience the world very differently from many people. This is why we have chosen to experiment with the environment, structure and form of the performance and wish to enable the sensory stimulation speak for itself. Some people may find parts of the experience unsettling or even disturbing, others may not. SENSE will provide a powerful, stimulating and engaging experience.


Rachel Gay: Performer & Devising
Amelia Mather: Performer & Devising
Lauren Hart: Performer
Martyn Stonehouse: Audio Visual Performer, Devisor and Creator.
Andrew Williams: Visual Material and Director.
POD design and build: Martyn Stonehouse, Andrew Williams, Imogen Trinder, Amelia Mather.

The SENSE POD: Technical Information

The SENSE Pod consists of three main projection booths, bolted together and supported by three roof panels and a rear wall, all covered in black material for light control. Each projection booth has a projection screen frame with specialised rear projection material inside and hinged projector mount. Metal ties along the base of the pod help to strengthen the design and rubber matting cut to size forms the floor. Each projection booth unbolts and hinges down to an almost flat frame for transport and storage.

Wiring Diagram below: