Projects with Young People


Dyslexia + Difference 

A project working with young people with dyslexia.

We are currently undertaking a pilot project working with 6/8 students with a diagnosis of dyslexia within Year 8 at Lady Manners School, Bakewell. The project will explore dyslexia, creativity and learning through an artistic process. Students will create a sound installation using recorded sound and spoken words. Dyslexia + Difference has been funded and supported by D-LAB.

Project Outline – Exploring perception of sound and developing a good understanding of the underlying scientific principles covering all Key Stage 3 science of sound requirements. This includes Vibration, Sound Production, Sound Waves (Frequency & Amplitude), Sound propagation  (including through various mediums), visualisation of Sound and Sound as a sense. The project will involve working together as a team to produce a interactive sound installation using words, recorded sound and digital manipulation. Throughout the process we will explore how dyslexia can manifest itself, systems for managing it and examples of people who have embraced its creative potential.

A full report documenting this project will appear here soon.