Between Homes 2021

2 November 2021 – 31 January 2022 

360 Degree Digital Artwork by Ryan Heath, Hannah Evans, Michael Goodall, Tom Morley and David Salisbury.

Ryan Heath was one of LEVEL’s first Residency Artists in 2021. As part of his residency, Ryan worked with a group of participants who used to regularly came to LEVEL before 2020. For this project, the group worked remotely with Ryan to create a series of drawings on the theme of ‘The Derbyshire Countryside’ to be used in a digital artwork.

Taking inspiration from the incredible views around the county, the group drew on locality, heritage and abstraction during their online drawing sessions. These drawings were then placed into a 3D gam engine to create a collaborative virtual world which can be viewed in 360 degrees.

Between Homes is showing on a screen in our gallery until 31 January 2022.



Between Homes closes 31 Jan 2022








Meet the Artist

Ryan Heath

Ryan Heath creates moving image, painting and sculpture. He explores the history and potential futures of urban and rural landscapes through world-building, in turn framing new possibilities for them.

He has exhibited in the UK and internationally, receiving commissions and awards from established organisations including The LEVEL Centre, UK New Artists, and Ignite Futures. Heath is a BACKLIT studio artist and former member of Chaos Magic arts space.

As part of his practice, Heath delivers creative workshops. Previous partners include Nottingham Refugee Forum, Harris Museum and Tate Modern. He has also given guest lectures and panel discussions at leading universities and institutions.