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What’s on at Level Centre

Our exhibitions are designed for everyone!

Level Centre is a lovely accessible building and is home to visual art exhibitions and immersive digital installations that change regularly throughout the year. We also have open days and creative workshops so if you fancy drawing on a giant doodle pad or making an art inspired climate change pledge keep an eye our events!

Water Portals

8 Sept 2023 – 5 Jan 2024

An interactive digital journey exploring the microscopic world of water. Discover the beautiful microbes that live in our rivers, lakes and seas, and understand the crucial roles they play in creating a healthy world.

Drawn outline of a person in green and black repeated across a piece of cloth

Be Happy With Who You Are

8 Sept 2023 – 8 Jan 2024

A joint project between our Level Makes visual art group and Little Canyon Collective exploring the concept of being happy and what happiness can look like.


19 – 23 September 2023

A sparkly, sensory festival filled with light and sound. Our first GLISTEN Fest has been designed to ignite the senses, inspire creativity and create memories that can be shared with family, friends and carers.

A number of people stand in a dark wooded area looking up at a bright multi coloured art piece with LED lights.

The Celestial Soundcloud

19 & 20 September 2023

The Celestial Sound Cloud is a sound and light installation that hangs above you. By singing and moving underneath the sculpture you can create your own visual and sound experience.

A photograph of the sound play dome. A multi coloured triangular tent like structure, housed in the Level Centre.

The Soundplay Dome

22 & 23 September 2023

An interactive sensory space that allows everyone to play in a collaborative environment. Using touch, sound and light, the dome encourages creative expression while having fun!

Necklace of Stars

27 Sept 2023 – 5 Jan 2024

Created by older people during the pandemic, A Necklace of Stars celebrates childhood and the night sky in words, song and stitches and is a testimony to the power of human connection and creativity. 

Big Draw 2023 Festival image

The Big Draw

Saturday 28 October

Find some inner calm by sketching zentangles, share your best qualities with a hand portrait or create an alien with all kinds of senses – get your imagination and your pens working!

Fun Palaces illustration, a line drawing of a castle with different activities taking place inside its rooms

Fun Palaces

Saturday 7 October

Fantastic free activities from 11am-3pm! Make a mini kite, build your own games controller, construct a giant cardboard city, fashion a tiny terrarium, create your own pom-poms and more!

Further Afield

Available online

Online conversations that explore disabled artistic practices within rural settings and examine how creative networks can work together to make the arts more accessible to everyone.

Computer generated image of the Level Centre building in a grassy field with trees and hills in the background.


11 January – 12 April 2024

A fun, interactive installation, PlayLAND brings the world of outdoor play inside the Level Centre building, inviting you to play, sense and immerse yourself in a playful relaxing world.

Two people on a beach with waves behind them. The one nearest the sea is holding a neon walking stick upwards to the sky

Metamorphic (Traces)

From January 2024

A trace memento of two artists’ time spent considering how dance manifests in non dancers’ bodies and how movement could be incorporated into their disabled body.

Artist Grace Curry sat drawing at a desk.

Spotlight Award

11 January – 12 April 2024

Grace Curry is our Spotlight Award artist for 2024. She’ll be displaying new work in development and/or work from their collection in our gallery space.

Bed outside in a field. On the bed is white pillow and quilt covered in white and yellow pom poms in the shape of daisies. In the background is grass and trees.


From January 2024

A period survival quilt created from pom poms depicting ‘Daisyland’ a queer utopia that artist Corinne and their only childhood and imaginary friend named Daisy created.

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