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Black and white photo of Ethan McKenna. Ethan is wearing glasses and a striped top and is smiling at the camera

Residency feedback:

“Thank you so much for having me and allowing me time and sapce to tweak the tech and warble out odd lines and spaces for the performance to fill your studio space.”

Conor Alyward

“Messy but charmingly so” – the Guardian

Conor Aylward is a playwright and performer who has been working in entertainment for 20 years. Conor has been commissioned 10 times and his work has been presented at Cambridge Junction, Camden People’s Theatre, Trinity Bristol, Home and Contact in Manchester.

Mindfulness-Lite: 50% less likely to cause you to try real yoga:

Find out why Conor Aylward bought the Mindfulness-Lite Health and Wellness to YouTube, a disabled-led yoga and meditation channel.

Join him behind the scenes for a recording of the This Won’t Make You Fit yoga class. Where you can find out if meditation just lazy yoga? And learn about the chronic conundrum And the pain paradox.

Conor Aylward brings his conversational style to investigate the wellness industry’s fixation with healing when living with a chronic condition and how to navigate the realm of self-care when getting better at ‘not getting better’.

Images from Conor’s residency