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Black and white photo of Ethan McKenna. Ethan is wearing glasses and a striped top and is smiling at the camera

Residency feedback:

“My ‘Period Survival Quilt’ will enable me to wrap myself in the nature I long to be within. In particular a field of protective daisy flowers, that remind me of my only childhood and imaginary friend named Daisy.”


Corinne is a disabled queer self-portrait artist creating photographic depictions from the same 2 by 1.5 metre space; their bed. This year marks their fifth year of spending almost every day confined there. Their self-portraits are a form of therapy to ease their ongoing struggles with mental illness. Their work often focuses on Daisyland a queer utopia, Corinne and their only childhood and imaginary friend named Daisy created.

Corinne’s Period Survival Quilt will be exhibited at Level in 2024.

Photos from Corinne’s residency: