Black and white photo of Ethan McKenna. Ethan is wearing glasses and a striped top and is smiling at the camera

Residency feedback:

“I had an amazing experience being able to spend time learning about and creating various interactive control methods for installations. I experimented with using distance, pressure and flex sensors, break beams and buttons alongside LED tape and projection. Thanks to everyone at Level for all your help and being so welcoming!” 

Ethan McKenna

Ethan McKenna is based in Nottingham and enjoys using technology, light and projection in an immersive way. He is currently interested in interactive control methods for installations and how they can be adapted for different accessibility requirements.

Follow Ethan’s work on Instagram @ethanmckenna_

Images from Ethan’s residency

Wthan stood outside the main doors of Level Centre wearing coat, jumper and jeans
Ethan sits behind a desk with a keyboard and electronics in front of him