Inspired by a digital installation called In the Mix by Darius Powell, In the Mix Remix (ITMRM) is a touring performance piece created for PMLD audiences and is also suitable for SEN schools, day centres, libraries, theatres and arts centres.

The piece is a response to Level Centre’s desire to create and  tour playful and interactive experiences for its learning disabled audience and wider community.

The sound and visual score is created by digital artist Darius Powell and sound designer Robin Newman of Snug Recordings.

In the Mix Remix:

  • Two performance artists
  • Audio-visual mix exploring colour, texture and sound featuring glowing spheres
  • Approximately 15 – 20 minute performance, followed by an
    interactive sensory play workshop
  • Age suitability: 12 years and over
  • Ideal audience size of five people plus parents/carers
  • Can be repeated up to three times in a day
  • Can be performed in a non-theatre space

In The Mix : Remix provides an environment where audience members can use sensory stimulation to make their own personal connections and meanings. These could range from triggering memory and emotion to perhaps exploring connections between people, objects and sensory stimulation. As a sensory performance the audience can expect sound, strong colours and movement to enhance the senses. It will be created for people with profound multiple disabilities and we want to create something memorable.

The touring piece is funded by Arts Council England strategic touring funding.

Bookings now open for June/July 2022.

For more information or to make a booking, email: