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Corridors Commission:

[Isolation] Art Mail

18 April – 27 June

Isolation Art Mail began as a lockdown project facilitated by artist Tracey Meek.

The project was a way of collectively sharing experiences through art, offering comfort in difficult times. Similar to a chain letter, the participant received the beginnings of an art piece, some art materials, creative prompts, and various random junk. They were invited to add / respond to the work, and to each other, before sending it on to other recipients. The art mail would then make its way from person to person, eventually returning to Tracey for exhibition.

With over 100 UK and international participants, there was a lot of love shared between strangers. Tracey is now revisiting the art mail parcels, carefully unwrapping and collating the work for exhibition. She will create new work in response to the letters, drawing a celebratory conclusion to the project, culminating in its final iteration [Isolation] Art Mail.

Derby-based artist Tracey was selected as the recipient of the first Corridors Commission, a collaboration between LEVEL and QUAD. 

[Isolation] Art Mail will exhibit in the Gallery Corridor at LEVEL from 18 April – 27 June 2024 and then at QUAD from mid-July to early September 2024.



A close up black and white headshot of a woman.
Multidisciplinary Artist: Tracey Meek
Tracey Meek is a multidisciplinary artist working with a range of mediums; painting, ceramics, and installation. Her work is intuitive in process and content, evolving as a tactile extension of herself and her surroundings. Tracey has a playful, experimental approach that translates into community engagement. Her work is joyful, with a curiosity that taps into childhood inquisitiveness.

Tracey’s creative journey began in museums and libraries. ‘As a kid I found inspiration in objects and artefacts, echoey wooden floors and glass cabinets, in those days this would involve a lot of skim reading and foot shuffling. I have worked on various heritage projects over the years, I enjoy finding ways of reimagining learning spaces through interventional art. It’s about reconnecting with the smaller version of yourself and remembering what made you tick. I think of ‘lift the flap’ books, telescopes at the seaside, those little things that led to wonder. I believe we’re all artists when we are children, it’s just that some people hold onto creativity and some people let go. I like to think I give some essence of that back.’

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