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No Sleep Just Clouds

Coming Soon: 4 July – 4 September 2024

‘No Sleep Just Clouds’ is a moving image and installation piece by Babeworld. It explores how autistic, marginalised and neurodivergent people experience creative spaces – as audiences, participants and artists. It investigates their struggle to thrive in the creative sector, and be ‘productive’ under capitalism.

‘No Sleep Just Clouds’ takes visual inspiration from anime, Twitch, gaming and pop culture. The storytelling experience follows a protagonist on a mission to create the ultimate, perfect piece of work. Using semi-autobiographical narratives, it’s a deep-dive into the obsession of providing a distraction – in this case, clouds – in place of making the art.

The installation reflects Babeworld’s research into sensory spaces for neurodivergent people. Working in collaboration with Utopian Realism, an ambient soundtrack accompanies the installation.

Alongside creating this work, Babeworld will be running a workshop for neurodivergent individuals. This will cover accessing the arts, useful tools and how to develop welcoming and safe creative spaces.

No Sleep Just Clouds is an Unlimited UK Partner Award 2023 commission with LEVEL Centre and The Art House, made possible thanks to funding from Arts Council England.

Babeworld logo. A green circle with black text. A pink cherub sits on a white cloud above the text
Digital Artists: Babeworld

Babeworld seeks to create a more representative art world through the creation of art, fundraising and creating grants, and facilitation of events – for those who are marginalised in the arts. With an emphasis on collaboration and co-creation, Babeworld’s practice focuses on themes of political and societal identity, specifically disability/access, neurodivergence, sex work and race.

Their interactions with the communities they create and infiltrate consists of oversharing (otherwise known as attention-seeking) on the internet and through their events – and you best believe they’d overshare at a round table, and probably also cry.

Babeworld are committed to bringing their ideas and networks to institutions and organisations in the art world, whether they want to hear it or not.

LEVEL is delighted to be working in partnership with The Art House Wakefield and Unlimited, to support this exciting new commission by Babeworld.

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